Catholic Youth Proudly and Publicly Proclaiming their Faith

The three pictures in the PDF link below show a Catholic Youth Group singing and dancing about their love for God. The demonstration took place in front of St. Anne's Church in Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. It was beautiful to watch as these young people so proudly proclaimed their faith for all to see. Even more beautiful to watch was the reaction of the crowd that gathered. People passing by, both young and old watched approvingly,and quite a few joined in. Old Town is a very popular spot with both tourists and natives, who wish to spend a pleasant evening strolling about the streets. There are three signs that can be seen in the pictures, "Otwórz serce, Bóg jest miÅ‚oÅ›ciÄ… (Open your heart, God is Love), "Jezus ciÄ™ kocha" (Jesus loves you) and "Å»ycie jest cudem" (Life is a miracle). A fourth partially visible sign reads "Kocham ciÄ™  Bog" (I love you, God).

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