Supreme Training Portal

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Supreme is rolling out a new training site. On this site is training specifically for Grand Knights.



The web address is:


When you go to this address, there will be instructions to log into the Supreme Training Micro-site. This is not the same training as you might have taken in the past. I urge you to take this training. I have and it is very informative.

When you complete the training, you will receive a challenge coin from Supreme like the one shown below. Then bring that coin and a copy of your completion certificate (available to print after the training) to the Texas State Convention in Houston April 27 - 29, present them both to the table near the registration booth (it will be well marked) and we will give you a Texas State Challenge coin.

The State Deputy is asking every Grand Knight to complete the training.

Vivat Jesus, Viva Cristo Rey!
Chris Johnson
Texas State Education and Training Director