Brother Knight: Gregory Schuring

From Council #8473
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

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Mountain Tree Service
35W211 Lathrop Lane
West Dundee IL 60120 US

Phone: 815-388-5827

To our Future clients considering 

We are able to do most pre-bid Estamates Virtually. Please consider taking picture of tree, then sending via our Client portal, review website. In most casses, your price back to you the next business day.

If we are in need of reveiwing your tree before bidding, we will need permission to enter your property. Please look for call or text form (815)388-5827 asking for permission. During this call it is also helpfull to share best time to see you in person at your residence, Am or PM, Weekdays or Weekends. As we get leads from three to four counties, our appointments can be all over the place, It will help us if you use I90 as an east/west dividers.

IMPORTANT: If your sceuldeing your own apointment please scedule north appointments on event days.

We thank you for this opportunity and belive once you try us we will be your come back to company for Trees.


"See you at the top!"


Gregory A. Schuring

Vice President of Sales/Marketing